The World's Best Lifetime Diamond Trade-Up Policy

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Steven DiFranco Jewelers in Willoughby!

If you love our diamonds, you wil really LOVE our lifetime trade-up policy on diamonds!  Steven DiFranco Jewelers will give you the full 100% amount that you paid for your center diamond, diamond stud pendant, or diamond stud earrings towards the purchase of any new center diamond, diamond stud pendant, or diamond stud earrings worth at least $1.00 (yes, that is just one dollar) more! You don't have to worry about spending double or triple to increase the size of your diamond at Steven DiFranco Jewelers, just one dollar more.
It gets even better! If you started with a round diamond in your engagement ring, with our lifetime diamond trade in policy, you can switch to a different shape if you desire.  Best of all, you can upgrade your size or change your shape as many times as you want with no surprise charges or re-stocking fees!

What's the catch? Getting your husband to agree is usually the biggest problem! Actually, the only conditions (no catches) are as follows:

 - The original diamond, diamond stud pendant, and diamond stud earrings must have been purchased originally from Steven DiFranco Jewelers.
- You must supply the original paperwork, including appraisal and master copy of the certificate if the diamond was certified. Lost master certificates will incur our exact cost for it's replacement.
- The diamond/diamonds must be undamaged.
- There will be a fee to change the head/prongs to adapt your new diamond to the original mounting. This fee is modest and is the same fee charged to repair or replace a worn head or prongs.
- There will be zero extra fee to trade-up your diamond stud pendant or diamond stud earrings.  You can even change from white gold to yellow gold diamond stud earrings or pendant at zero additional cost.
- If you have locking or screw type backs on your diamond stud earrings, we will transfer them to your new diamond stud earrings at no cost, as long as they are in safe working condition.
Not only is Steven DiFranco Jewelers the leader in engagement rings and wedding bands in Northeastern Ohio, but our lifetime diamond trade up policy is the best (and fairest) and second to none.
If you have any questions about our great lifetime diamond trade-up policy, please feel free to give us a call at (440) 943-2700.