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Steve's BBQ Glaze

BBQ done right is a beautiful thing.  Proper BBQ is made up of layers of flavors or "flavor profiles" as the competitive BBQ cooks say.  This glaze is to go on your ribs or chicken at the completion of cooking, before putting on your favorite BBQ sauce.


     - 1 part Ketchup

     - 1 part Real Maple Syrup

     - 1 part Honey

     - 1 part Seedless blackberry preserves

     - 1 part Hickory based BBQ sauce (your favorite)

     - 1 part Vinegar based BBQ sauce



You'll notice that the quantities are "1 part" for each ingredient.  These parts can be teaspoon or gallon, as long as the quantity or "parts" are all equal.  Mix all ingredients in a small sauce pan and heat up, making sure that the ingredients, especially the blackberry preserves blend well.

You can brush this onto your chicken or ribs at the end of cooking.  Let the sauce "set" or "tack up" for a few minutes, then brush on your favorite BBQ sauce on top of this glaze or just eat as is with no extra BBQ sauce.