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This little corner will be a place for me to informally keep you up to date on what's going on at Steven DiFranco Jewelers.

 I usually don't brag, but in this case, I'm gonna...

 THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the News Herald readers for voting Steven DiFranco Jewelers as the Best of the Best Jeweler in Lake County for all of 2015. Also THANK YOU to all of our great family of employees, you are very much appreciated.

What's up on the fashion front for the first half of 2016?

The HOT colors for gemstones this year are: Rose, soft blue, ruby, peridot, and tanzanite.  According to our industry and the pre-show "scuttlebutt" these are going to be the "in colors" of 2016.

Why would you pay extra for a proper warranty?

 A customer came in the other day telling me that after shopping at a "mall store", they were told that the standard warranty on the mall store rings was 60 days, and if a longer warranty was desired, it would be an extra fee.  I was shocked.

At my store, you get a FREE 1 year warranty on all new rings, whether they cost $20.00 or $200,000..  Please do not pay extra for extended warranties anywhere, they are a waste of your money.  They are a great money maker for the company selling them.

Angelica Bracelets

Angelica bracelets have been a huge hit!  What fun they are.  Even my wife put "her order in" for her own Angelica bracelets.  She got white, rose, and yellow colored bracelets and wears them all together, just like the Angelica girl wears them in the ad.  I find her looking down at their designs every once and awhile.

Since there are over a hundred different designs of Angelica bracelets it may take us awhile to put them up in our online store.  For now, you'll have to come in and see our huge selection and buy some!

What's Hot?

Anything rose or pink gold has been a HUGE hit for us.  Sterling silver and white gold mixed with rose looks very hot.  This included men's watches either in all rose colored or with a touch of rose as an accent.

Our industry is telling us that as a jewelry wearer, you won't be "pigeon holed" into one specific color of jewelry.  Now you can wear white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or a combination of those colors without the "fashion police" knocking at your door.  This is quite exciting!

We have tons of jewelry either with all rose coloring or with rose accents.  Watches, pendants, rings, earrings.  We have it.

Thank you for your friendship and business

2016 marks our 43nd year in business and it's all because of you, our wonderful customers.

Thank you very much for your patronage and friendship all of these years, it is truly appreciated every day.

Our Business Hours

For a detailed list of our business hours including special hours around the holidays, click HERE.

Of course, you can safely and securely shop 24 hours a day here at

We're on Social Media!

Social media is very popular, and we've been on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for quite some time now.  Recently we opened up our Pinterest and Instagram accounts.  It will be a "work in progress" for a few months, but we'll get it done properly. 

How do these young kids have time in their lives for all this social media?  Yikes, it takes a lot of work. 

Click on the fancy red "P" Pinterest logo on the right column of this web site to go directly to our Pinterest page and follow us!  Or, you can just click HERE to go directly to our Pinterest page.

You can view any of our commercials and instructional videos on our YouTube channel by clicking on the YouTube icon on the front page of our website or just by clicking HERE.

We've been on Twitter for some time, with only a few followers.  You can click on the Twitter logo on the front page of our web site to go to our Twitter page, or you can go directly to our Twitter page by clicking HERE.  We would like to increase our Twitter followers, so I have a deal for you:  If you sign up as on of our Twitter followers, I'll give you one of our Stevie D 925 Sparklie© beads for $10.00, and I'll donate the whole amount to Guiding Eyes for The Blind.

Confusion?  Not really

We've recently changed our in house financing from GE Financial to Synchrony Financial.  Actually, there is no real change, as GE just changed the name of their financing arm to Synchrony.  You've probably noticed that our advertising doesn't say "six months same as cash" anymore.  It says "six months deferrred payment financing". 

Exactly what does the change mean to you?  Actually nothing.

Just like before, you still have six months to pay for your beautiful new sparklie goodies from Steven DiFranco Jewelers, with no interest or fees.  You do have to make small monthly payments up until paying off your purchase before the six months are over.  Buying beautiful jewelry and watches for your sweetie is easy at Steven DiFranco Jewelers.

We've had 6 month layaway for 43 years

Some time ago Layaway was the "new thing" among retailers.  Hmmm, that's funny.

We've had layaway for 43 years.  Just give us a small deposit, and we'll hold your beautiful piece of jewelry or watch for up to 6 months.  You can even come and "visit" your purchase any time you want!  Just make small, affordable payments every week or two and you're close to having your jewelry.  You can even call in your payment!


Online Store Search

6 Months Defferred Payment Financing Available!

We proudly offer Six Months Deferred Payment Financing through Synchrony Financial.  Zero interest if paid in full in 6 months! 

Already have one of our GE accounts?  No problem, it's the same company just with a new name change!


Our New TV Commercial

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We won! Thank you!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the News Herald readers for voting Steven DiFranco Jewelers as the Best of the Best Jeweler in Lake County for all of 2015. Also THANK YOU to all of our great family of employees, you are very much appreciated.

We Buy Gold


We Buy Gold!

Do you have any broken chains, 1/2 earring pairs, damaged rings, or out of fashion jewelry?

We even buy old sterling silver knives, forks, spoons, and trays!

Stop by and we'll pay you right away for your old gold!

Steven DiFranco Jewelers Social Media!

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Our Online Store

Can't make it in to our store?  Not a problem, shop safe and secure in our online store!  Currently we have over 4000 items on the Steven DiFranco Jewelers online store, with more being put on every day!

Don't see what you want on our online store?  Even though we have over 4000 items online, this is just a small fraction of our store stock.  Just give us a call and we'll help you with your selection.

If you want any of our great watches, you MUST call in to get our best price, as we are prevented from posting our lowest discounted price on the web by our manufacturers.  The phone call will be worth your while!  Remember that all of our watches come with our exclusive Watch Performance Package© at no extra charge.

Is your purchase a gift?  We can gift wrap it and ship it anywhere!


We ship every day!  As always, ground shipping is FREE!

Diamond Stud Earrings

A proper pair of diamond stud earrings should be in every girl's ears.  At our store, size really doesn't matter!  Why?  Because of our exclusive diamond stud earring trade up program, that's why.  At Steven DiFranco Jewelers, a girl never has to be satisfied with the size of her diamond stud earrings!

Do you want to have your diamond stud earrings "grow" in size?  No problem at all.  Just bring in your current pair of diamond studs that you bought from us and we'll give you every penny you paid for them and apply it to a bigger pair!

Click HERE to go to our online earring store.  If you have any questions about our diamond stud earrings or our exclusive Diamond Stud Earring trade up program, please give us a call at (440) 943-2700.

Do you want to change metal color or diamond shape too?  No problem.  Do you want to keep "growing" your diamond stud earrings over and over again?  No problem. 

Will your husband be upset with you spending a ton of money?  No problem, we have six months deferred payment through GE Financial.

Who makes your heart beat?  If she does, we have the pendant for her.  Available in 14k white, yellow, or rose gold.  We even have it in sterling silver.  We can customize all versions by adding diamonds and birthstones.

      Steven DiFranco Jewelers


      Special Engagement Rings

      As one of our television commercials says: "Why would you give someone so special, an ordinary piece of jewelry".





      At Steven DiFranco Jewelers, we specialize in special jewelry for that very special someone.  Engagement rings and wedding bands that differ from the chain store rings in design and quality.

      In the rare occasion that we don't have that special engagement ring or wedding band for your special someone, we can either customize or custom make the perfect ring for your perfect person in your life.  We have THE largest selection of engagement rings in Northeast Ohio.  Period.

      Click HERE to go to our engagement ring online store to see just a few of our engagement rings.

      Angelica Bracelets are Here!

      Angelica is at Steven DiFranco Jewelers! Angelica jewelry are easily adjustable bracelets with charms that let a woman show how she feels, what she believe in, and who she is.  Available in gold, silver, and rose gold colors, designed and made in the USA, all made from recycled metals.

      .25 cents from every bracelet sale goes directly to Generation Rescue to support programs that improve the quality of life for those affected by autism.  According to Angelica, they have donated over $150,000 to help support autism research since the beginning of the program.  We applaud their effort, and are VERY happy to be a part of this worthy cause.

      Moments Sterling Silver Jewelry


      Moments Diamond Jewelry, there is a difference at Steven DiFranco Jewelers.  We have a beautiful selection of Moments Diamond sterling silver and diamond jewelry for you to pick from.  The hottest European styles at affordable prices.

      Cosi Bella Jewelry

      Cosi Bella jewelry is here!  Buy a keeper, coin and chain, now you can change the coin as you change your outfit or mood.  Keepers come in white, yellow, rose and black rhodium colors.  The coins come in a zillion colors, shapes and styles.

      Give us a call and ask how you can get your first coin FREE!  With your first Cosi Bella purchase, you also get a Cosi Bella storage case to keep your beautiful jewelry in at no extra charge.

       Cosi Bella Jewelry jewelry comes in two different sizes, 25 mm and a bigger, bolder 33 mm size.
      Lashbrook and The Knot

      See our ad in the newest issue of The Knot Magazine!  We show one of Lashbrook Wedding Band Company's incredible new designs.  With Lashbrook Wedding bands you have endless options, and endless possibilities.
      For a limited time, we'll have FREE copies of the newest The Knot Magazine to give away.  First come first served!